Property Tax Penalty Waivers for Eligible Taxpayers

Part of the COVID-19 Financial Relief Effort

The Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector (TTC) plans to work with taxpayers
on an individual basis to address hardships caused by the corona virus and the
shelter-in-place order.

Beginning after the property tax delinquent date, which remains as April 10th, the
TTC office will make available a penalty cancellation request form specifically
related to COVID-19. The taxpayers will need to submit the appeal form and to
sign a statement, under penalties of perjury, to represent that they were unable to
pay on time for reasons related to the impacts of the corona virus from
reasonable cause and circumstances beyond the taxpayer’s control” under
current state law. Valid reasons to seek penalty cancellation, which may change if
state law changes, may include illness, recent effects from under- or
unemployment, and business losses (including loss of rental income)
. Eligible
taxpayers will include homeowners, small businesses, and small landlords.
Documentation will be required, specific to COVID-19. A special team in the TTC
office will be set up to process these requests, and we will attempt to respond to
all requests within 60 days.

The TTC continues to ask all those who are not impacted by COVID-19 to pay by
April 10th. The office remains open and operating, receiving mail and answering
the phones, but not accepting in-person payments. Payments can be made in
many ways, including via on-line and by phone, including credit cards. Online
payments can be made at The phone
number is 510-272-6800. The e-mail address is

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